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Today’s THE day!


Jason Holland and I are delighted to announce the launch, today, of our eCRM agency, THE CRM agency.

At THE CRM agency, we believe that organisations that want to generate maximum returns from their customer communications must demand beautifully-crafted, compelling campaigns that play to the strengths of CRM technology.

This requires the optimum blend of efficiency and effectiveness. We call this sweet spot - which differs from company to company, and industry to industry - the Science and Art of CRM.

Efficiency is the science of doing things right. There’s a science to audience segmentation, to deploying live text in emails and to many other areas of CRM.

Effectiveness is the art of doing the right things. There’s an art to creating the optimum campaign strategy, to designing compelling communications and to many other areas of CRM.

Each element of The Science and Art of CRM brings incremental improvements to a campaign. Together they add up to huge increases in ROI.

If you want an eCRM agency that will help you make your customer communications thrive, we’d love to hear from you.

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