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Proving the value of great design

As a Creative Director with a designer’s heart, working in an eCRM agency means that my energy comes from not winning another Cannes Award, but by seeing a number in a spreadsheet that I can show to the client. The problem is that design is often simply an ingredient in a large, multi-tiered ‘wedding cake’ which, when delivered, delights the bride and groom not just by how it looks, but how it tastes, whether there’s enough for all the guests and if they come back for some more. But, during the past few years, I have had several opportunities to only change the design and still have a control group of the old design running beside it… what an opportunity! In one example, my new email design had the same content, same technology and delivery standard as before, but we just redesigned it. We obviously made it look gorgeous across all devices and platforms, but we also made the content easier to digest by the recipient. It carried a visual reminder of the brand throughout its length and used some insights in to how the target audience used the channel to instruct some key measures of simplification. The result? Compared to the old design (the control group), we achieved a 200% increase in recipients clicking through to the website and an obvious leap in ROI. It didn’t require a team of Data Analysts to conclude that there was a massive financial value to the design work itself.

So what does this mean?

In a data-driven world, the effectiveness of creativity and design can be measured, and the return on investment proven, providing you keep all other elements constant and have a control group - just like any other A/B test.

We have proven this across many different sectors. I’d love to share these case studies in person and explain how we can help your organisation's brand thrive via our unique application of The Science and Art of CRM… my contact details are below :)


020 7993 2800

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