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THE-Heuristics: How to THRIVE at eCRM

We embrace THRIVE as our one-word-vision.

Organisations that want to generate maximum, measurable returns from their customer communications must demand that their eCRM agency provides them with beautifully-crafted, compelling campaigns that play to the strengths - and mitigate the weaknesses - of CRM software, broadband, WiFi and mobile telephony technologies.

This requires the optimum blend of efficiency and effectiveness and creates a sweet spot - The Science and Art of CRM - that differs from company to company, and industry to industry.

Thankfully, what doesn't differ is the set of core elements that combine to influence a campaign's results. We've studied these elements for over twenty years and distilled them in to our unique THE-HeuristicsofCRM* test that demonstrates clearly how an organisation's eCRM performs in comparison to their competitors'.

Get in touch if you would like us to show you how your eCRM measures up.

* THE-Heuristics results. Supply us with an example of your eCRM campaign(s) and comparable examples from up to five of your competitors. We will score them in accordance with our proprietorial model and present the results to you in a face-to-face meeting - together with our recommendations for how you can make your eCRM thrive.

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