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UPDATE: What #Brexit could mean for UK eCRM

Image credit: Jason Holland, Creative Director, THE CRM Agency

When I wrote “What #Brexit could mean for UK eCRM" in April I thought that the UK would vote, marginally, to remain in the EU.

Since then, among some great UK wins, THE CRM Agency has started working with two clients that operate in US dollars and two clients based in Switzerland. We’ve planned, designed and built a welcome campaign for a global software company to be tested in Germany then rolled-out across Europe. We’ve successfully delivered an eCRM campaign (led by email in 9 world languages) promoting another client’s role in a major European sporting event and are now working with a market-leading FMCG client (whose European headquarters aren’t in the UK) again on a pan-European basis.

What’s my point?

Well, the UK might have voted for Brexit, but it doesn’t mean that a company registered in England will be any less “in Europe” than it is now. Ironically, the fall in the pound means we’re now 10-20% cheaper for companies that operate in $, € or Swiss Francs.

The GDPR regulations (please read up if your company handles customer data and you’re not up to speed on these new regulations) come into full force in June 2018 and, even if Article 50 is served, the two year EU exit period will take us beyond that, so these new EU data regulations will come into force in Britain. They’ll be the governing regulations for the majority of our European clients’ customers anyway, so we’ll be observing them come what may.

And the other points in my blog? I’d really welcome your thoughts on those too. If the UK does leave the EU, our politicians and civil servants are going to be stretched in an incredible number of directions, so I believe it incumbent upon everyone in an industry to involve themselves in ensuring the legislation that effects their livelihood - and that of their clients - is fit for purpose. If not GDPR then what replaces it REALLY matters to all of us. Both as consumers and marketers.

THE CRM Agency is growing nicely and, thankfully, we have lots of experience of change. We will continue to take a world view for progressive clients, a proactive role in our industry and a leading position in the support and training of new entrants to the creative industries.

I'm looking forward to the future with great excitement and would love to hear your thoughts on the changes we face.

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