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Hopefully, you're reading this because you’re looking for a fantastic new agency partner to help you make huge, lasting improvements to your eCRM campaigns. You deserve on-the-money strategy, bullet-proof deliverability, compelling, award-winning content and results you can run to your boss with. Or, if you’re already the boss, results you can sit at your desk admiring, with a satisfied grin on your face.

But how to get there? Hold a pitch or find a team of experts who’ll prove themselves on a trial project? Well, we’ve won a lot of pitches over the years but, increasingly, we’re finding the chemistry meeting followed by trial project route works best for all concerned. (MD note: we don’t turn down exciting pitches, yet!)

Via a trial project, you can put our expertise to the test - quickly and at low cost and risk - and judge us on real results. And we can all discover how well our combined teams work together.

At the chemistry meeting, we’ll invite you to talk first so we can gain a better understanding of your needs. We’ll then explain briefly how we work - and why it works - show you examples of our recent campaigns that are most relevant to your requirements and, where permitted by our clients, the results we've achieved for them.

If you want to proceed, we’ll agree a trial project and provide you, within 48 hours, with a written proposal.

So far this year we’ve used this rapid process to reimagine the creative approach for the email templates for a global FMCG’s leading brand. Their global brand guardian signed off the work with no changes. Great news for the product manager as he now has the platform to raise the profile of his eCRM portfolio in the knowledge he has the backing of the brand guardian and the resources (THE CRM Agency) to design and deliver his campaigns. Campaigns that will Thrive.

Only last month, we deployed the same process to launch the proof-of-concept for a pan-European loyalty scheme for a software company. And, ironically after winning a big pitch for a globally-reknowned luxury brand, we were asked to put aside the work that won us the pitch and deliver an email prospecting campaign, in only ten days from concept to send, in nine world languages. The results delighted all concerned.

THE CRM Agency has a wealth of proven credentials across all of strategy & planning, campaign ideation & concept creation, design, build & testing, and results analysis and insight. However, we frequently find that our new clients’ greatest, most pressing need is for more compelling design and content; typically for email-led campaigns. Well, it still drives those ROI numbers best, doesn’t it!

So, whether you’re looking for new, more compelling design, or something else, we’re ready to prove ourselves to you.

Are you ready to Thrive? Email for more information.

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