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THE - in the words of our clients

Back in 2015, Jason and I were very proud and extremely flattered when our previous agency was voted eCRM Agency of the Year in the Recommended Agency Register (RAR) Digital Awards. The award obviously wasn’t just about us but the wider team effort. Moreover, it was an anonymous, client-only vote so knowing that the results of our work made enough difference for our clients for them to proactively endorse us so positively meant the world to us.

Therefore, we decided that 2018 was THE CRM Agency’s year to re-engage with the RAR, stick our heads above the parapet and see how we were doing, in the eyes of our new clients. All a bit nerve-wracking, however we were blown away by the number of our individual clients who were more than happy to rate THE and, collectively, they gave us an overall score of 9 out of 10. Amazing!

We’re now officially, highly rated for 16 specific marketing services and are on the shortlist for both eCRM and Email Marketing, in the annual RAR Digital Awards, that take place in London on 19 June. Whatever the results in the Awards, we’re heartened to know THE makes such a positive contribution to our clients' projects.

Highlights from the anonymous comments of THE's clients include:

"THE CRM Agency has been a complete joy to work with, both on short and long-term projects. I would recommend their services to anyone looking to improve retention through strategic customer journeys and comms. Strategic thinking + brilliant creative minds = excellent end results."

"I really enjoy working with THE CRM Agency, they are very efficient, reactive and deliver amazing and very creative materials that always meet our expectations. They always deliver innovative assets that make our campaigns stand out."

"Fresh, innovative and relevant."

"Clean and concise. They helped re-align our DM activity completely. Recipients have commented very favourably and continue to do so."

“They took our brief and got it instantly. Made a huge difference in the process."

John Thew and Jason Holland are probably the most experienced and dedicated CRM consultants I have ever met. Always on time with great ideas and meaningful solutions.”

“John Thew and Jason Holland are subject matter experts, very reliable, very accommodating and easy to work with.”

Although [we have] not been working with THE CRM Agency for long, the relationship is a very good one and there is already a good level of trust that we will get quality work delivered, on time, to budget. I am looking forward to growing the relationship further, going forward.”

Fantastic agency, great people who deliver a great product - on time and on budget.”

"THE has transformed our business in so many ways. I love the clarity, simplicity and approach of the team at THE. They are proactive and reactive and every time they 'speak' their input has great relevance and tremendous impact.”

“Brilliant work. Great team. Imaginative and creative.”

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