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There is no such thing as expensive

Something is either affordable or it is out of reach. When your family has dedicated over two hundred years to producing the most precise, detailed, innovative and beautiful timepieces the world has known, how do you ensure you reach those potential customers for whom your treasures are affordable?

Many luxury brands make much of their history, from the development of each watch mechanism to the patronage of various crowned heads of state, but today innovation is necessary outside the manufacturing process as well as within it.

Recent research shows that the majority of high net worth individuals are self-made. The likelihood is that their ability to indulge in luxury watches, tailoring, supercars or writing implements came before they developed any knowledge of the choices available in those areas.

How can these brands translate their design excellence and undoubted technical skills into relationships with their potential customers? By contacting them in the ways they expect to be contacted, then innovating in the way they engage with them. And by offering them a personalised service in a mass-market age.

Proactive digital communications deliver the immediacy and personalisation that high net worth individuals expect. Tailored to their preferences and meeting their needs, often even anticipating them! Many luxury brands offer a personal concierge and shopping service in their boutiques. Targeted emails are a modern route into this time-honoured and magnificent tradition.

Whether you have a penchant for pens, or a passion for the Prancing Horse, you’ll know that personalised service is an expectation that starts well before the first sale. A successful, long-lasting customer relationship is founded on accurate, timely, professional communications at every interaction; from initial introduction, through first purchase, and ongoing customer service, to registering your special item in the company archives. Communications that don’t just appeal to the brand fans, but actually resonate with genuine customers.

Companies thriving in a luxury industry recognise that their products are more than just items. They speak to the soul of the owner, distilling the craftsmanship, and the spirit of adventure, precision and control that so many successful people see in themselves. They want to reflect these qualities in their customer communications, combining style and substance into a look and a voice that is distinctively their own.

Targeted communications with high net worth individuals extend the influence of a website browse or boutique visit and continue the conversation with them – and their advisers – discreetly and professionally. Ensuring efficient and effective use of their time and the brand’s budget.

Contact THE today to explore how we can bring this to life for your brand.

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