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Digital Awards 2019

Thanks to the very kind words and positive ratings of our wonderful clients, THE has been shortlisted in an amazing SIX categories for this year's The Drum Recommends Digital Awards. Wish us luck for the big night on 3 December!

Rather than us waffle on about ourselves, we thought it would be more appropriate to share what some of our clients said, regarding each category:

1. Email Marketing

"The open rates for our E-Newsletter is through the roof and the CTRs are way higher than we've ever achieved before. We're very happy, our audience is clearly also very happy but most importantly, our clients who we promote via our E-Newsletters are delighted with the increased, highly-focussed interaction."

2. Creativity & Innovation

"Jason Holland - he has an incredible creativity and delivers amazing materials. Listens to the client's needs then proposes and delivers great innovative content and visuals."

3. Service Delivery

"John Thew and Jason Holland are probably the most experienced and dedicated CRM consultants I have ever met. Always on time with great ideas and meaningful solutions."

4. Client Services

"John is the best account manager you could ask for."

"John Thew and Jason Holland are subject matter experts, very reliable, very accommodating and easy to work with."

5. Effectiveness

"Our most successful B2B campaign of recent years."

"THE is the ideal partner for both creating and implementing a strategy."

6. eCRM

"Brilliantly clean, fresh and innovative work. They take my brief, digest it, flip it on its head and hit me with superb creative that achieves all I need and want it to in spades. They just get it and make sure they in turn get it right first time."​

We'd love to share with you our proven theory of how Efficiency & Effectiveness can be combined to make your email marketing thrive.

If you want to add THE strategic advantage to your campaigns, email or call +44 20 7993 2800.

THE’s client-recommended services:

Email Marketing, Content Strategy/Creation, Design Strategy, Responsive Design, CRM Strategy, eCRM, Digital Strategy, Online Creative, Web Design, Copywriting, Customer Journey Mapping, Direct Marketing Creative, Marketing Automation, User Interface Design (UI)

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