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Our founders, John Thew and Jason Holland are delighted to welcome you to THE CRM Agency.

John and Jason both play an active part in planning and delivering client work to ensure that - for every client - THE CRM Agency unites aesthetic and technical eCRM excellence in order to design effective, compelling campaigns that surpass client objectives.


They are ably supported by a growing team of planners, designers, HTML coders, project and account managers and campaign analysts. We also work with carefully chosen specialists in complementary fields to ensure our clients always get the best marketing advice and delivery solutions.


John Thew, our Managing Director, is a multi-award winning planner, marketing strategist and Fellow of The Institute of Digital & Direct Marketing (FIDM). He has spent the last 25+ years planning and delivering digital solutions for companies as diverse as Adobe, easyJet, Ford, Heineken, Procter & Gamble, Swatch Group, T-Mobile, Travelodge and Virgin Active.


Jason Holland, our Creative Director, founded two of the iconic digital marketing agencies, Head New Media & Underwired and has won just about every digital award going - BIMA, Cannes, D&AD, EPICA, RAR, The Drum. Jason is also credited by Forbes Magazine for creating one of "The 10 Websites that Changed the World".

Do you have a project that we can help you with? Could we be THE eCRM Agency for you?

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Organisations that thrive at eCRM demand compelling communications that play to the strengths of CRM technology. In order to thrive, an organisation needs the eCRM agency they work with to deliver the optimum blend of efficiency and effectiveness.

We call this the Art and Science of CRM


Effectiveness is the art of doing the right things. There’s an art to creating the optimum campaign strategy, designing compelling communications and many other areas of CRM. Each brings incremental improvements to a campaign. 


Together they add up to huge increases in ROI.


Efficiency is the science of doing things right. There’s a science to audience segmentation, to deploying active content in emails and many other CRM areas. Each brings incremental improvements to a campaign. 


Together they add up to huge increases in ROI.

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